morso roots candlestick holder in brass

Danish Lights for Winter Nights

With short winter days and an average of just over 4 hours a day of sunlight year round, it no surprise that Denmark is a country that has produced some notable lighting designers.

In the same way that the Scandinavian population has mastered maximising natural light in the home, the Danes have also recognised the importance of showcasing artificial light, whether it’s from a candle or a light bulb.

danish lights for winter nights - Four contemporary danish designs for candle and bio-ethanol lamps that will last the test of time

In the 1920s Architect Poul Henningsen created the iconic PH5 lamp and Arne Jacobsen famous for creating the Egg Chair also designed the AJ Desk Lamp a design which is still in production today and an icon of Scandinavian design.

The latest generation of lighting designers are creating modern Danish design which is every bit as bold and iconic as their predecessors.

morso roots candlestick holder in brass

Designer Jakob Wagner has worked with Morsø to create two very distinct candle holders. The elegant Roots range has an organic twisting shape which mimics the weaving shape of a trees roots and like the natural form that it takes its inspiration from, the Roots candle holder is designed so that two or more sets can be joined to create a network of Roots, which weave across your table!

Morso Gears Tealight Holders

Wagner’s second design takes inspiration from something less natural but equally appealing in form. Wagner’s pairs of glass Gear Tea light holders mimic the shapes of machinery cogs, but the five colours they come in are all inspired by colours in the Danish landscape.

bel bio ethanol lamp

The Bel Bio-Ethanol lamp is named after the Celtic God of Fire and provides a way of bringing the appeal and dynamism of a live flame to the table.  Produced in house by the Morso design team, the base is made of solid cast iron, burner and lid of brushed stainless steel. Bioethanol is a form of renewable energy that can be produced from agricultural feedstocks.

chrome fire ball tealight holder Morso chrome fire ball tealight holder

And finally Morsø’s Fire Ball tea light holder was designed by Louise Christ. This pair of chrome or brass tea light holders cleverly fit together to form a reflective decorative metallic ball.

When in use individually the shiny surface of the tea light holders beautifully reflect the flame of the candle and bounce the light around the surface.