Danish Lights for Winter Nights

With short winter days and an average of just over 4 hours a day of sunlight year round, it no surprise that Denmark is a country that has produced some notable lighting designers.

In the same way that the Scandinavian population has mastered maximising natural light in the home, the Danes have also recognised the importance of showcasing artificial light, whether it’s from a candle or a light bulb.

danish lights for winter nights - Four contemporary danish designs for candle and bio-ethanol lamps that will last the test of time

In the 1920s Architect Poul Henningsen created the iconic PH5 lamp and Arne Jacobsen famous for creating the Egg Chair also designed the AJ Desk Lamp a design which is still in production today and an icon of Scandinavian design.

The latest generation of lighting designers are creating modern Danish design which is every bit as bold and iconic as their predecessors.

morso roots candlestick holder in brass

Designer Jakob Wagner has worked with Morsø to create two very distinct candle holders. The elegant Roots range has an organic twisting shape which mimics the weaving shape of a trees roots and like the natural form that it takes its inspiration from, the Roots candle holder is designed so that two or more sets can be joined to create a network of Roots, which weave across your table!

Morso Gears Tealight Holders

Wagner’s second design takes inspiration from something less natural but equally appealing in form. Wagner’s pairs of glass Gear Tea light holders mimic the shapes of machinery cogs, but the five colours they come in are all inspired by colours in the Danish landscape.

bel bio ethanol lamp

The Bel Bio-Ethanol lamp is named after the Celtic God of Fire and provides a way of bringing the appeal and dynamism of a live flame to the table.  Produced in house by the Morso design team, the base is made of solid cast iron, burner and lid of brushed stainless steel. Bioethanol is a form of renewable energy that can be produced from agricultural feedstocks.

chrome fire ball tealight holder Morso chrome fire ball tealight holder

And finally Morsø’s Fire Ball tea light holder was designed by Louise Christ. This pair of chrome or brass tea light holders cleverly fit together to form a reflective decorative metallic ball.

When in use individually the shiny surface of the tea light holders beautifully reflect the flame of the candle and bounce the light around the surface.

Five EcoDesign Ready stoves for 2022

The UK government recently announced new legislation designed to reduce emissions from wood burning stoves. Some of the older polluting woodburners will be banned from sale, and newer stoves that meet the new guidelines are labelled EcoDesign Ready and will be allowed to be sold and installed after 2022.

Nearly all of the Morsø wood burning stoves that we currently sell meet this requirement, but many also go above and beyond it meeting a far stricter guideline called ‘Nordic Ecolabel‘ which is a environmental standard implemented by Scandinavian countries.

5 eco design ready stoves - The Uk government has recently announced new legislation banning some of the most polluting wood burning stoves, but there are plenty more that meet the highest of environmental standards and are EcoDesign Ready for 2022. Here's a list of the best 5.

The Nordic Ecolabel was first introduced in 1989 and adopted in Denmark (where Morsø stoves are manufactured) in 1998. Products are verified using independent testing and control visits and have to be re-certified every three years.

It’s no surprise to discover that the Scandinavian countries are far further ahead than the UK on the environmental standards and so we have picked 5 stoves that we feel our are real environmental heroes.

5 EcoDesign Ready Wood Burning Stoves

Morso 2840 wood burning stove

(1) Morsø  2840

The Morsø 2840 is one of Morsø’s newest designs, a modern edition of the iconic squirrel stove. Its triangular shape fits perfectly in the corner of the room and the striped sides are a feature which bears reference to the old iconic Morsø stoves.

morso 4441 multifuel stove

(2) Morsø 4442

The Morsø 4442 is a popular addition to our range of steel multifuel stoves. It offers a large landscape door with a great view of the firebox within. The Morsø 4400 series of which the 4442 is part has been developed specifically with the UK market in mind this stove will look at home in a range of different style interiors.

Morso 6843 wood burning stove

(3) Morsø 6843

The Morsø 6843 is similar in appearance to the 6100 series wood burning stoves but features a self-closing door and the top has elegant rounded off edges. The beautiful cast iron design suits and enhances any style of home and the modern combustion technology ensures that this stove meets the most stringent of environmental standards.

Morso 3116 wood burning stove

(4) Morsø 3116

Part of Morsø’s 3110 series, the Morsø 3116 Badger is a multifuel stove that combines classic Morsø style with the latest combustion principles and is ec0-design ready for 2022. The stove has smooth sides on the convection model and a very fine ribbed pattern on the radiant.

morso s11-40 multifuel stove

(5) Morsø S11

Danish design and unpretentious cosiness, the Morsø S11-43 is a stove that suits any home. Its base allows it to sit in an elevated position so the flames are visible from everywhere in the room. With its slim design, it integrates easily into the home without dominating the room.


What do I do if the brick cracks on my Morsø stove?


Morso Spares Direct


Cracks in the bricks/vermiculite plates in your Morsø stove may happen due to bumps from the wood. There is no need to replace the bricks even though they are cracked. They do still insulate the fire chamber.

Bricks in Morsø stoves can crack after 4 weeks or 4 years and there’s no way of telling how quickly it can happen, so there is little point in replacing them purely for aesthetic reasons.

do i need to replace a cracked brick in my stove

The purpose of the bricks is to insulate the fire chamber to increase the combustion temperature. However, if they start crumbling and chunks fall off, the insulation will cease to be effective. This may damage the cast iron and they do in this case have to be replaced.

There are several types of bricks available for different stoves and so we will have to order in the specific one for your stove which may take a couple of weeks to arrive.

Find answers to other common queries on the Morsø FAQ page


Adapting your fire lighting technique for cold weather

During a spell of cold weather we often have enquiries about smoke filling in a room after a woodburner has been lit. The good news is your woodburner is not to blame and the problem will be easily resolved by changing your fire lighting technique to adapt to the colder outside temperature…

Why does my room fill with smoke when I light my woodburner?

During a spell of cold weather a pocket of dense cold moist air can form in your flue, when you light your woodturner the slow burning kindling emits smoke and when the smoke hits the cold air it is forced back down the flue, into the stove and out into the room.

To resolve this problem it is important to build a small fast burning fire in your log burner which generates maximum heat and minimum smoke to warm the flue and create draw.

how to light a woodburner in cold weather

How to light a fire in cold weather

The first thing we recommend is high quality firelighters such as the boxes of wood wool firelighters from the Green Olive Firewood Company (which we sell in our showroom). Under no circumstances use newspaper or cheap firelighter to light the fire. If conditions are below freezing we advise that you start the fire using two wood wool lighters to ensure the fire gets going really quickly.

• Place the lighters in the centre of the grate

• Use about 6 pieces of kindling to build a criss cross Jenga style pattern around the firelighters.

• Light the firelighters

• Leave the stove door ajar

• Allow a fire to establish and then add one or two small logs of kiln dried wood. Kiln dried wood has a moisture density of less than 20% and burns quickly and efficiently. Leave the door ajar.

• Only close the stove door when you have established a good fire. If you shut the door and the flames die down immediately then reopen it.

We sell a moisture content meter which you can use to check the moisture content of the wood you buy, you may be surprised by how wet some of the wood you have is!

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