The Grill Forno II is one of Morsø’s most popular pieces of outdoor cooking equipment with its elegant Scandi style wooden legs and cast iron body it makes a striking addition to any garden and is great to cook with.

In this post we’ve gathered together ten of the questions we are asked most frequently about this outdoor oven.

Morsø Grill Forno - Multigrill

What’s the difference between the Grill Forno I and Grill Forno II?

Morsø have revised and improved the design of the original Grill Forno so that it now has a larger opening making it easier for cooking and improving the view of the flames. Morso also changed the configuration of the three legs so that there are two at the front and one at the back.

Can I cook pizzas with the Grill Forno?

Absolutely. To do this you will need to purchase the Vetro pizza plate to cook on

What accessories do you get with the Grill Forno II?

The Grill Forno II comes with a cast iron insert. This insert supports cookware of your choice, whether it’s a cocotte, a frying dish or a Vetro pizza plate. These must be purchased separately

Morsø Grill Forno - Multigrill

What other accessories would you recommend?

It’s an entirely personal choice, but we think the following accessories are worth considering…

Morsø Smokeeper
Morsø Suede Mitten
Morsø Grill Forno Door (for slow roasting, baking and smoking)
Morsø Grill Cocotte (for casseroles)
Morsø Frying Dish with handle (seen in photo below for grilling meat)
Morsø ash scraper
Morsø fire tongs

Morsø Grill Forno - Multigrill

Is the Grill Forno the same size as the Forno?

No, the Grill Forno is slightly smaller and a different shape. As a result, each oven has its own specially designed door to fit.

Does the smokeeper fit the Grill Forno?

Yes, the flue on the Grill Forno and Forno is the same size, so both can use the smokeeper.

Morsø Grill Forno - Multigrill

What are the legs of the Grill Forno made from?

They are made from teak with rubber feet, the metal ring at the top of the legs is stainless steel.

What fuel should I use?

The Grill Forno is designed to work with wood or charcoal

How much clearance does the Grill Forno need behind and at the sides?

The oven must be placed no less than 1m from flammable surfaces and materials to the rear and sides.

Does the Grill Forno come with a guarantee?

Morsø gives a 5-year warranty on all outdoor living products against casting and material defects.